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Jake English’s (Duct Tape) Beretta Tutorial…

yo so here is a tutorial for Jake English’s pistols

The main materials used were duct tape and craft foam

Ok, so the materials needed are:

- craft foam paper (I got mine from the dollar store- 16 sheets in one packet, multicolored)

- Black duct tape (mine was left over from my kanaya chainsaw)

- scissors

- pencil

- razorblade cutter thingy (also cardboard for when u use this razor cutter)

- all purpose glue

- references ( i used this and this)

First step is to sketch out the beretta shape onto one piece of craft foam.

^For this u cud also print out reference 2 after resizing and trace it onto the foam.

Next, cut out ur pistol shape.

^At first I used the razorblade cutter but i found cutting with scissors much easier. I did use the razorblade cutter slightly when I was cutting around the lever thingy (whatever its called).

Next, trace this pistol shape (it’s now ur main stencil) on another foam sheet and cut it out like before. Do this until you have 8 pistol shapes, including ur stencil.

TiP: Watch tv or anime or somethin while doin this cuz it’s kinda tedious and boring ^w^


I realized that if i only had foam in my gun, it probably wont be sturdy enough. So I took my original pistol stencil and cut a pistol shape out of cardboard. After I did this, I had another epiphany and decided not to use my pistol stencil in the pistol itself because, with the cardboard, the pistol was at an ideal width. I put my cardboard pistol shape in the middle of my shape stack as the 4th piece from the bottom.

This is when I looked at my references and decided which parts of the pistol shapes to cut off so i could get the shape of an accurate beretta.

I ended up cutting my pieces like this:

^I cut the little white and orange pieces out of the leftover foam.

so after I cut both sides of my pistol like this i glued my purple piece to the cardboard

then i glued the other full pistol shape (my white piece) to the other side

then i duct-taped these pieces together on parts that would show at the end of my process.

then I lightly glued my first cut piece to the purple piece.

^not like this„, i just placed the white piece near it for the photo lol

TiP: Before gluing, I suggest taping the edges of this white piece that aren’t going to be taped around later (hopefully u see what i mean later with another pic). I didn’t tape around this white piece and later realized that i should have… learn from my mistakes!! >w<

Then tape the white part on areas where the next piece wont cover.

Next, do the same thing with the piece with the same cut on the other side of the gun.

Next, tape the edges of the orange piece cut b4 like so.

Then lightly glue and tape the orange piece on the pistol.

Do the same with the other side.

This is where the last two pieces will be taped on either side.

Tape the edges of the white and orange pieces and tape them to the pistol.

now go thru it all again to make Jake’s other beretta OwO-*

Very Important TiP: At this point, the pistols look really realistic so I order you would recommend to tape the tips of your pistols a bright color like orange (i don’t have orange duct tape, so maybe pink). I have heard that if you were to have your newly made pistols without the brightly colored tips out in the open, they could very easily be mistaken for a real gun and you could get into major trouble, in and out of conventions. Please, if you complete this tutorial yourself, please PLEASE color the tips!!!! Tape them, paint them, whatever! As long as the tips are brightly colored and easily distinguished.
Don’t say i did warn you!!! I do not take responsibility for any trouble you get into by not following this very important tip!!!

I am unsure if I can bring my foam pistol to my convention, so I emailed them with a picture just in case. If you have any worries about this, I also demand suggest you email the convention staff of the convention you’re going to to prevent any trouble. Cons are about having fun, and you don’t want it to be ruined by your prop being confiscated, being thrown out of the con, etc.

Hope u all enjoyed the tutorial, and i hope it’s useful to u! :3

And thanks to turntechgodtier for the info on props at cons.

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